Watch Anywhere

Watch Anywhere

GreekIPTV is dedicatwatchtvoniphonesandipadsed to bringing quality service to your internet enabled device, so you can watch fantastic Greek content from the comfort of your own couch, favorite chair, computer or smart device. Our channels are streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your viewing pleasure. 

Our experience and expertise combine both television and computer technology to make our products highly adaptable to the constantly evolving IT industry. 

  Enjoy great Greek TV any time, anywhere whether it is the comfort of the couch, home office or on the go with your windows phone, or almost any modern portable communication device.
Time shifting

Enjoy ALL FREE TO AIR greek streams in different time zones.  Our most popular channels are also streamed 2 , 7 and 12 hours behind the original broadcast.  That means you get to enjoy afternoon Greek programming, during your afternoon.